Dr. Ali Nabipour Chakoli
Name: Dr. Nurul I Sarkar
Affiliation: School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand

Topic: Use and Misuse of Computer Simulation: Highlighting the Results of a Comprehensive Survey of IEEE Publications
Abstract: Simulation methodology has become popular among computer and telecommunication network researchers and developers worldwide. This popularity is due to the availability of various sophisticated and powerful simulation packages, and also because of the flexibility in model construction and validation offered by simulation. Unfortunately, a significant number of authors of published papers in telecommunication proceedings did not care about the credibility of simulation results suggesting that there is no significant change with respect to quality and credibility of the simulation studies than the earlier study and the deep crisis of credibility still remains. This talk will highlight the importance of simulation credibility in scientific investigation and publication. A comprehensive survey of IEEE publications on telecommunication networks will be presented to support discussion. Some guidelines for the best practice of using simulation tools for the performance evaluation of telecommunication networks will be presented. This is a knowledge sharing talk suitable for a general audience.
Dr. Sarkar is a member of IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and Australasian Association for Engineering Education. He served as TPC co-chair for the IEEE ICC 2014, APCC 2012, TENCON'10 and ATNAC'10, and Chairman of the IEEE joint NZ North and South ComSoc chapter (2005, 2007, 2012, 2014) which won the ‘Best Chapter Achievement Award’ in 2012. He has organised several IEEE Distinguished Lecturer talks for the members of the wider university community in New Zealand.